Week 1: Gabriel Mueller

My name is Gabriel and I am a first year here at UIC.

A novel that I am very fond of is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Novel by Philip K. Dick. This novel is against the technological humanism movement, that being the A.I.’s threaten to take away what makes life worth living. Also the threat of the A.I. preceding humans in embodiment.


My Favorite song is I Hung My Head by Johnny Cash because of its compelling narrative and because of how powerfully it is sung.


My meaningful experience occurred at the age of 5, when I met Janos Martin at the Living Museum in New York. It was a large building and it was a bit unorganized on the outside. As I walked into the building there were many murals and sculptures made from found materials. Everyone in the building had their own spot or environment, so to say. Each spot was like stepping into a new world of streaming consciousness. Dr. Martin was one of the founders of this building and his ideas led to the enablement of artistic expression for the residents. What I didn’t know as I strolled the halls of this building, was that all the residents were in fact patients in a psychiatric facility. The art was so vivid and most had an edge to it that is seldom seen in a normal museum.



Doctor Martin is a person of importance to me because of his ability to help people understand themselves but better yet, he help them be understood. Their art is a far more potent method of understanding them than numbers and prompts on paper. I also find him important because he believes in art, just as I do and its ability to help people. This is so important because nowadays it is a common belief that art is useless and does not help anyone. Dr. Martin helped to strengthen my faith in art.



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