Week 2: G. Montoya

50 Observations

  1. Truck behind me was tailgating the whole time.
  2. Parking lot is brightly lit.
  3. The pharmacy employee looked at me.
  4. Old white people asking for assistance.
  5. Lady at the counter has given me a weird look.
  6. How often do people see someone walking around here with a notebook & writing things down?
  7. I didn’t realize how dry my hands look under these bright lights.
  8. They have all types of vitamins…C, D, E, B12
  9. Sweet potatoes are 88 cents each.. I can find them cheaper at the swap meet.
  10. Driscoll’s berries…..don’t they exploit their workers?
  11. The floor is brown.
  12. Bud Light, 24 pack, $13.98
  13. I feel like I’m being watched.
  14. I’m growing increasingly paranoid.
  15. You can buy slices of a dead cow for the low price of $3.48
  16. El milagro tortillas.
  17. One of the produce aisles smells musty….must be the onions.
  18. The same family have been lingering for 5 minutes.
  19. 2 co-workers in conversation, clearly bullshitting and pretending to work. I don’t blame them.
  20. Little boy is staring at me.
  21. We made eye contact.
  22. I wanted to laugh.
  23. Group of guys my age, walking around, cracking jokes. Seems they’re here for fun.
  24. I estimate about 50 or more of me must stand on top of one another to reach the ceiling.
  25. I feel so small in this large space.
  26. I’m supposed to be here to BUY PRODUCTS…. Am I going against the grain?
  27. No, I’ll end up picking up a few things on my way out.
  28. Aloe vera sold here by the gallon.
  29. Security cameras are recording….do I look suspicious?
  30. There is a spill in the aisle without a wet floor sign…is this the financial opportunity I’ve been waiting for?
  31. I always forget I’m old enough to buy wine.
  32. Liquor sales hours are from 7 am to 11 pm, and 12 pm to 11 pm on Sundays.
  33. An empty plastic bag on the ground.
  34. When I hear people around me speaking in Spanish, I am immediately comforted.
  35. Takis are cheaper her than anywhere else I’ve seen.
  36. Why are cheese puffs so unnaturally bright orange? How can that appeal to anyone?
  37. It smells like cardboard and plastic in aisle 25.
  38. I’m starting to get hungry.
  39. Hard taco shells in the “tortillas” section…. An insult.
  40. La Morena brand has nice packaging. It’s been the same since I can remember.
  41. Topo-Chico mineral water has nice packaging too.
  42. There are 3 registers open.
  43. I prefer the self checkout so I can avoid interaction, but it has a long line.
  44. The parking lot is still the same.
  45. There’s a sign on the way home with bright flashing lights.
  46. The roads here are awful and full of potholes.
  47. The road is emptier and driving is more relaxing at this hour.
  48. There was a train and I had to make a detour.
  49. I like the comfort of pulling into my driveway.
  50. I am home.

10 Project Ideas

  1. Leave little notes on items.
  2. Place “women’s” items in the “men’s” section, vice versa.
  3. Take photos of things that remind you of the warmth of your home in this cold, uncomfortable environment. (I chose to do this one for now.)
  4. Take photos of yourself in every reflective surface you see.
  5. Place heads of lettuce on the meats.
  6. Turn all the boxes backwards so that the design on the front that’s meant to catch the consumer’s eye are useless.
  7. Place signs near the produce to remind people to think about the farmworker. (I still want to do this eventually.)
  8. Buy berries and grapes of different colors and make some type of mosaic out of them.
  9. Make a sculpture using plastic bags.
  10. Take close-up shots of produce so that they become abstract.

Photographs of things that reminded me of home.



most (un)trusted

produce of USA

white millennial

new look


same size

same taste

as those before


lightly battered

Humanely raised (?)

to be consumed in a humane way


you’ll love this



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