Week 8: Nathan Nager

Artist in Residence Choices:

Metro/Smart Bar: I went to my first show without an adult here, and it’s pretty much my dream to get to play on that same stage. I might have a shot to get in there with a loose connection i have to the owner, Joe Shanahan.

Subterranean Lounge: I go to a lot of shows here, and there isn’t too much going on other than the music, at least downstairs. This is a staple in the DIY community of Chicago and I would love to be a part of it.

Elbo Room: To be honest, when I look at the social media presence of this place, I often think I could do a better job at the photos at least. It’s a tiny venue near my apartment that may be receptive if I don’t belittle their internet presence.

CTA: If I could do something with the CTA, I would love that. I use the bus/train to travel a lot, and see the bullshit that conductors, security guards, and maintenance workers have to put up with from the public on a daily basis.

Osmium: This is a Dark Matter Coffee shop near where I live. I love the coffee and the staff are all very nice and helpful. I think this place would be a blast to work, but less relevant to the medium I am pursuing, which is music.


Maintenance Art Project:

When asked to come up with my own maintenance art project, I was at a loss. What is art? It’s a rather complicated question, but I think I may have an idea. Art is meant to show people what is relevant to them in a light they may not think about regularly. Maintenance in and of itself is not art, but has as much potential as anything else to become art.

For my short maintenance art project, I decided to document myself putting litter where it belongs: in the trash. I cleaned up the area surrounding the art building.



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