My protesting sign is criticizing the prioritizing of abstract concept over material art. This produces ideological conformity since most people rely on the same theorists. People like Foucault who is very popular. I will be walking in front of SAIC and the hyde park art center with my protest sign and I will have a monkey mask on in order to gain more attention. Most people sort of just stared and went on their way or completely ignored me. I find it due to the fact that this is not a very common protest and most people now a days are more into completely conceptual art and the non conceptual art becomes more commercial art.


Most people did not seem seem to understand my protest and did not ask. one person asked me what I was protesting and another person began arguing with me about how art doesn’t need an image, his stance as he says is from a graphic design standpoint. He did reference several pieces from the modern wing at the art institute and it was an enlightening conversation on both ends. It was not that busy because of the overcast sky and chilly weather so there were not too many people but i still believe that I managed to efficiently protest.


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